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We have Sunday School classes for kids of all ages, a college class, a young married couples class, and three additional adult classes to choose from. When you arrive, you'll be welcomed and pointed in the right direction. 
Worship service follows Sunday School.  You can expect it to be informal and about an hour long with singing of hymns, "shake hands and be friendly" time, and a Bible-based sermon. 
A nursery is provided for babies (birth to 2 years) and a toddler nursery (2 years to pre-school) with a Bible lesson/activity.

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On the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sunday nights we meet as a whole for an hour of singing and Bible Study. This is very informal with discussion encouraged. The 2nd Sunday night of each month is our business meeting.

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A meal is served for the whole family (August-May). The kids eat and then play games until class time. Classes are a time for Bible study and prayer for the adults and Bible lessons and Bible skills practice for all the kids.

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